I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came out and supported me last night at my viewing of “FACES of CHANGE” collection. My FACES OF CHANGE collection are images from President Obama Inauguration. The Feedback I received last night were all positive and its the simple things like the appreciation of my work that pushes me to keep on delivering. Special thanks to the ABRO GALLERY for allowing me to share my historical journey and my images will be displayed there until May 1st 2009.

Less than two years ago I decided to take my photography to the next level and just last year I set out to accomplish 4 goals and being in a gallery was one of them. I still have two more to accomplish and I have a feeling they are not far off. As I grow in this medium I hope you will embrace in this journey with me. The journey haven’t always been easy; standing up for an entire day just to capture images, not being able to feel my toes for more than half of a day, some disappointment here and there but its the end results that always counts.

I know we hear the saying that anything is possible and it truly is, but for the impossible to turn possible we must ACT.
Faces of ChangeK9Art LoversFaces of Change Lovers


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