Los Angeles Weekend

For the past 1-2 months I have been doing a lot of traveling and this past weekend I was in Los Angeles. I was in Los Angeles doing some filming and the weekend turned out to be a very interesting one. A few of my favorite moments were riding with the US military as I filmed the annual wounded warriors project ride that my father headed. The wounded warrior project ride is a ride to raise funds for wounded war veterans. The ride was a beautiful and scenic ride that started in front of the Kodak Theatre and end at a restaurant in Topanga Canyon. During the ride my dad got invited to attend a party at the Playboy Mansion and of course he had to take me along 🙂 The Playboy party was just like you would expect; plenty women who were damn near naked and some butt naked. After the party I spent the remainder of my time with my good friend Katt. Overall a very entertaining weekend and to top it off when I was at the airport heading back to Miami I felt the 4.7 magnitude earthquake…..now thats the way to go out lol.

My next trip is on thursday to Washington DC and this weekend should be both exciting and informative. This weekend will also conclude my filming and then when I return its straight to the editing process.Military Escort

One thought on “Los Angeles Weekend

  1. Im so happy I am fass’ like that ..lol..and clicked on your site. Interesting I must say! Keep up the Great Work!
    Mel Z~

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