Shooting with Thalia

It’s been a while since I shot due to the preparation for my exhibition so I was excited and it had me up at 6:30 am on Saturday. Makeup was at 9:30 am which was provided by Crystal Cadahia who did a wonderful job. When we finally made it to our shooting destination it started raining like crazy. We tried to wait it out in the car but the Almighty appeared to have other things in store for me because the rain didn’t really ease up. While waiting in the car Thalia (Model) got a call saying that the great music video director Hype Williams wanted to meet her to possibly cast her for a video shoot for Kanye & John Legend. Now if I was the model I think I would have found some excuse to go and meet Hype but Aisha was so LOYAL to me & didn’t take up the offer at the moment. Aisha that action has put you in my favorite category. (SMILE) After about an hour in the car fooling around taking pics we decided to take my shooting adventure indoors.

Below are a few of the images we captured while indoors. They seem less complicated than the images I’m known for but I really like them. The images I captured were mirrors of Thalia’s easy and fun going attitude.

After our shoot was over with we persuaded Thalia to go and see Hype Williams and on Sunday she was apart of the video with Kanye & John Legend so look out for it. Thanks for being loyal to me 🙂

Shout out to Usian Bolt for shattering the world record in the 100m (9.58)
A wha du dem? Dem fi know seh a we set di Trend.
ThaliaGot me walking on the moonCan u see the makeup?Roger B StillzRoger B Stillz All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Shooting with Thalia

  1. Luv the way you used the situation. My fave out of the pics taken is the one where shes flying unto the bed (superman) style :p .. Kudos to her on the loyalty it is so rare these days 😀

  2. these are nice i love the colors…the lay out of the room everything!! my fave of the shots is of her jumping on the bed im a kids at heart (biggest kid i’ll ever meet) and every new bed i get i jump on it lmao don’t we all lol

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