The Making of the Confession Photo

First off I would like to say that NOT ALL my images are a true reflection of my personal belief. I would also like to say that I have nothing against any religion and Im a believer in God. Now with that out the way lets get to the creation of this image.

I have always questioned a certain practice of going to someone behind a wall and asking them to forgive me of my sins. The person you are asking for forgiveness from could be committing more serious sins than what you’re asking forgiveness of. So thats the thought process of the creation of this image.

I have scouted numerous churches looking for a confession booth but most that I came across were too small for me to use even if permission were granted and I don’t think any church would allow me to shoot there once they saw all the props I had: cross, picture of Jesus, the bible, magazine with little boy on the cover, flour that looks like cocaine, shot glass and a bottle of appleton rum. So, I set out to make my own confession booth. The booth that you see is basically three white walls brought together to make a small box. The cross, the kneeling stool and the see through vent on the wall were all made for me by my friend Jessie Melero. The Jesus poster I bought and had Jessie frame for me. The bible and flour were provided by my cousin. The boy on the cover of the magazine, the shot glass and the appleton rum was provided by myself and I bought the cross at Michael’s. The lovely model was played by Maylin Estevez and my friend Eric played the priest. This was shot at the Abro Gallery in the design district that have had my work on display in the past.

So the scene reads of a young lady confessing her sins to a priest who is not really listening to her but instead was more focus in reading a children book while sipping on his appleton and sorting cocaine. The seven lines on the bible indicate the seven deadly sins.

All this maybe hard to see in this small image but if you were at my exhibition and saw the actually image you would see all the details a lot better.

So thats the story of this image.


Special THANKS to all that helped make my vision come through.

4 thoughts on “The Making of the Confession Photo

  1. this is awesome!! and though it might be hard to see the even harder thing to grasp is this is the way of the world!! its live tru not being hidden these days its very much so out there…..this picture is very real and in ur face. a reality that ppl need to face

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