Carnival Imagination Cruise Getaway

This past weekend I had the opportunity to embark on a cruise along with a very good friend of mine. My cruise on Carnival Imagination is the best customer service experience I have ever encountered. On the cruise I was always met with a smile regardless of who I came in contact with. Regardless of the hour everyone greeted me with a smile. My cabin/room got serviced almost every three hours. Every time I left the room and returned my room looked like when I first arrived; I had to look under the bed and in the closet to make sure the room service people were not hiding in there lol. The food was very good but our waiter was the best and the best waiter I ever came across. Ketut who was my waiter was always smiling and made sure my dinner expectation was met above and beyond. Not only did he serve me dinner but he was also responsible for breakfast and lunch and no matter the time of day he was smiling and greeted me by my name. I found myself wondering when does he sleep and what was he on to always be in a pleasant mood. These folks are on the ship anywhere from 4-8 months at a time and this can take a toll on you but it never showed on the Carnival Imagination crew. I have lodged at many five star hotels and not received this kind of treatment/customer service and just wanted to say Thank You to all the crew on the Carnival ImaginationCarnival Imagination Cruise Ship
Star Island

If anyone wants to know what real customer service should be like take a cruise on the Carnival Imagination. This was my first cruise but it wont be my last.

5 thoughts on “Carnival Imagination Cruise Getaway

  1. Yeah my Mom always says that the cruise industry has the market cornered when it comes to customer service. I’m glad you had fun

  2. I’ve been on this exact ship and while the customer service was up to par, Carnival has not been the best in customer service, which you’ll notice on other ships. Glad you had a great time but if you want to see OUTSTANDING customer service, check out Royal Caribbean.

  3. I totally agree Roger, every Carnival experience has been over the top for me and I also agree that it’s even better than the 5 star hotels across the world. My first cruise was about 5 yrs ago and I still freaking remember my waiter’s name, Nelu. That’s how good of an experience it was as he left a lasting impression.

  4. I work for carnival glad u had a wonderful time, we are the best, not just cause i work there i been on 5 carnival cruises b4 i even started working their. i love them all, the ship, food, service, everything was great.

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