Bury me face down

The story for the Image is as follows:

I heard my dad joking around saying when he dies he wants to be buried face down so the world can kiss his ass. Upon hearing that I immediately thought of creating the image to fit such a saying. I have never seen it done before so I set out to be the first to accomplish such a task. The first challenge was to find a funeral home that would allow me to do such a crazy thing. It just so happen that I knew the perfect person to call for a recommendation and he came through. After meeting with the funeral home to scout the location Im sure they thought I was crazy but I guess being naked in the coffin they just had to see. The next challenge was to find someone willing and brave enough to do the shoot. Of course I get a lot of No’s, HELL NAW IS U CRAZY, and some others but all it took was one YES. After that first YES I arranged the shoot the following day so she wouldn’t have much time to think about it lol. I was a bit nervous that she wouldn’t show up but she did and I would like to thank her and all those who help me to pull this off. Not every one will find this image interesting and if you are one of those people; I don’t give a damn.

The image can be viewed on my website at http://www.rogerbstillz.com or on http://www.facebook.com/rogerbstillz

3 thoughts on “Bury me face down

  1. G Wiz. Lets not forget ras kass “when I die, bury me butt naked, face down in the grass/ so i’m f**king the world, while y’all kissing my a$$”

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