Nothing Ventured nothing gained.

The story for the image below is a simple one. My original idea for the shot came from a fellow photographer by the name of Bettina Rheims. If you haven’t seen her work make sure you check it out. After seeing her shot I immediately thought of my version. Not sure how this one will be perceived but I’m interested in the feed back. I must warn you that if you take my images too seriously you will hate me.

I would like to thank my model for thinking outside the box, special thanks to my make-up artist Clivia and thanks to the police officer for not arresting us for indecent exposure.

“The question is not whether I am an extremist, but what kind of extremists am I... The nation & the world are in dire need of creative extremists.”
If you try and study me you will never graduate.

13 thoughts on “Nothing Ventured nothing gained.

  1. Woooow, every time I think you’ve reached the “edge” you do something like this. Great job!!! You definitely know how to push it to the limit

  2. The coffin pic was out there butt off the chain and this pic just takes it to new heights. You are sooo creative!!! I love it!!!!

  3. Not quite what we had talked about when you told me about the idea, but kool nonetheless. The colors make it pop. Good job….

  4. I really appreciate it !!! Dont think back,,,,,
    Go a head man.Your are extremist Creative Thinker…
    luv your artist…
    God bless you

  5. From the background to the photo setting to the make-up to the model, it is just well created. It is erotic and pleasant at the same time. I can definitely see that photo in a magazine.

  6. This is so creative when I look at the picture..I don’t even focus on the nudity!Love it 3 thumbs up!

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