Miss My Cooking by Trever Off-Key

I have a passion for creating things in the visual format. Lately that visual format has been mostly with pictures. Technology has bridge that gap for me, so now I can shoot either pictures or video on the same camera with the switch of a button. With that said, I would like to share my first little project featuring Trever Off-Key in the premiere of his new video “Miss My Cooking” directed by Roger B Stillz. There was no real preparation for this video. The kitchen scene was shot an hour before I had to leave for the airport and the driving scene was shot while we would drive to where ever we were going. I used only available light, the Canon 5d, Trever’s sense of humor and most of this was shot hand held. The video was edited by my friend Collin (Thank you Collin).

If you don’t know Trever Off-Key aka Zj Bambino make sure you listen to him in the mornings on http://www.zipfm.net from Tuesday-Friday 6am-10am.
Hope you were Entertained

3 thoughts on “Miss My Cooking by Trever Off-Key

  1. I see what you can do with just 30 min. Reach for the stars because they are yours for the taking.

    From your biggest fan and best friend.


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