Fake Jeans Admit It

1st I brought you the “Miss My Cooking” video. I’m proud to say that I’m back with another one. This one is called “Fake Jeans Admit It” staring Trever Off-Key ft. Chedda. While watching these videos keep in mind they are strictly for entertainment purposes. The song Fake Jeans Admit is getting a lot of rotation on the air waves in Jamaica so we decided to put some visuals to it. The video was shot in downtown kingston without any form of planning. We spent about 3hrs filming and having fun for this video. Special thanks to all those who were apart of making this happen. Big shout out to the kid who was selling CD’s with the boom box who saved the day. Big up Scuff, Chedda and his crew, Ryan, the sexy Police Officer,Burger and Collin the editor. In life sometimes the most important thing is showing up and that’s what we did. Here is the final product. I hope you enjoy. GIANT B

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