Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment

In my previous post I spoke about M.O.V.E – Motivation, Opportunity, Vision, Entertainment. “MOVE”, represents our generations ability to bring change and innovation to the way we give back to our communities. MOVE is inspiration, MOVE is innovation MOVE is change, and change is needed.

Nicole Johnson, founder and creative director of Javanna Productions presented a choreography showcase entitled Move For Autism (MFA). MFA premiered in the Professional Performing Arts School Auditorium with a cast of 20 students from all different walks of life. Javanna Productions is working with Autism Speaks, the world’s renowned autism advocacy organization that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments and communities. Together with Nicole we created a short video for M.O.V.E and we hope you enjoy it. When we move the sky is the limit and I hope our movement can serve as inspiration for others wanting to move.

Special Thanks to Collin Williams, K2O Studios, Tish 🙂 Vj Elite, and Miss Gordon-Whyte.

6 thoughts on “Motivation Opportunity Vision Entertainment

  1. This video left me speechless, it was a heartfelt experience to look at. I love you Nicole keep up the great work. God is please with your efforts for MFA.
    Love Sister Parks and Darrius

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