Trever Off Key upcoming video

First we brought you “Miss My Cooking” followed by “Fake Jeans” and this past Sunday we were at it again. Trever Off Key and I teamed up once again for another music video. My accomplishments on this project were the results of the combined effort of each individual that wanted to see my vision come to life. Special thanks to my mini team for putting up with me:
Gian – Thanks for always believing in me & pushing me
Dominique – You’re the bestest & sorry about your phone 😦
Clivia – Always great as usual
Kerry – Next time you need to be on set
J Will – Boom Boom Boom Boom
Xavier – Thanks for the location…..Boom Boom Boom Boom
Rochelle – Thanks for the location
Tracey – Thanks for the AMG
Fatz – Can always count on you if my brain is frozen
Via Venti Cafe – part of the video was filmed here. They are located at 2001 Harrison St. Hollywood FL and they have some of the best ice cream in town. Also a nice place to hang out or take a date if you’re on a budget 🙂

The video is now in the post production stage so stay tuned for a release date.
Action conquers fear.

Most people never see the struggles they just see the finish product.

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