Air Jamaica- The travel nightmare

Traveling Air Jamaica is not the same anymore. My flight was schedule to depart at 9:15pm and of course we were delayed. If you travel on Air Jamaica often that is expected, some of us have started calling the airline Air Delay. Now I love my Jamaican people but we do not function well with air delays and that can bring out the hidden ghetto in some of us. Around 11pm we finally took off.

We arrived in Kingston Jamaica around 12:20am and didn’t clear custom till around 1am. Got to the luggage area to find out that most of the luggage on our flight didn’t make it. Of course I was pissed and on top of that I had to wait in line for almost another hour to fill out paper work. After filling out the paper work I was on my way out where I was greeted by the funny guy. Now all I have with me is my book bag and he wanted to know what was in the book bag on my back. After revealing the content to the custom officer he wanted to have me leave a deposit for all the content (photography related) in the bag. At that moment I wanted to bitch slap him but realize I was in no position to win this battle so I had to play along. I was able to use my John Legend pass and he allowed me to leave. I finally made it home about 3am and I praying my bag arrive today. Feel free to pray for me as well.

6 thoughts on “Air Jamaica- The travel nightmare

  1. Hate to say it but Air Jamaica has gone down the tubes…it’s really unfortunate..Jamaica cannot seem to hold on to anything that belongs solely to them.

    Stay safe, hope your bags arrive. LOL @ your John Legend card..told you!! hahahaha

  2. No fair! You can’t choose when to use your John Legend pass. When I call you John stop scowling!!

    1. Yes I can choose that was a perfect time to use it. In the pass he would always call me that when i came through customs. As much as I wanted to introduce him to my back hand which maybe would have landed me in the jail right outside the airport, instead I mentioned him always calling me Mr. Legend. His reply: Have a good day Sir lol

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