Jamaica Carnival 2017 – Xodus

This year I was a bit skeptical about carnival in Jamaica with four different bands.  I really didn’t think it was such a good idea.  One thing I loved about Jamaica carnival was the fact that I could see all my friends in one area.  All I had to do was walk up and down the trucks and I would basically see everyone.  Now it’s four bands and four different routes.

I spent the day with Xodus since that’s where all my friends were.  Overall I had a great time and was very surprised with Xodus.  Xodus band looked like last year carnival to me in terms of the crowd.  This shows that carnival in Jamaica is growing and maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to have more bands. After all competition is good.  Xodus costumes were on point. The music was awesome. The vibes was just right.  My only concern was the chaos around lunch time getting your food and the very short time for lunch. After finally getting and eating lunch, before I could even fart it was time to hit the road again.  This is the only area I think Xodus can improve in and thats a very easy fix.  Can’t wait for Jamaica 2018 carnival. Stay tuned for my vlog about my carnival weekend.


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