Miami Carnival 2012

Out of all my years attending Miami Carnival, this year was the worst. I thought the Carnival was very disorganized and I’m not a fan of the carnival being held at Sun Life Stadium. Thanks to good friends I made the best of my time there. Here are a few pics; enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Miami Carnival 2012

  1. Roger my sentiments exact. Dispite the weather, I feel the Host Committee always waits until the last minute to organize. Plus as a social drinker, they do not tell those in charge of the bar what we as Caribbean people drink, plus the drink prices were very outrageous. Heineken in a can for $8. Was not feeling carnival this year and I did not attend any events, just did all house limes.

  2. I agree! This route NEEDS to be changed. It was not at all aligned with the spirit of carnival which is supposed to a parade of the bands and not circling around in a enclosed zoo. Despite the weather, the vibe was bad. The public was not into it (25 dollars entrance). It was ridiculous to see bands go from gate 5 to gate 3!! 45 minutes on a road before you hit a stage that was not even lit properly….
    So sad to have such a great concept with so little organization and common sense.

  3. Totally agree with you Rc, hopefully in october it will be more exciting like the past miami carnivals where everyone got involved.

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